Saturday, January 23, 2016

Single Moms Support Group

As I sit here, breastfeed my daughter, and type one handed; I can't help but think we could all use an extra hand every now and again.

The idea for this club was inspired by my friend Hannah  who is not a single mom, but my best friend who has awesome ideas.  She showed me a great movie last night, and after watching Tyler Perry's "The Single Moms Club" film I knew I had to write this blog.

Us single moms have to deal with A LOT and its all on us. We're a one woman band, no man.  We do the job that in many species two do.  

The Emperor penguins for example mate for life, and the Dad stays home with the baby egg while mom goes to hunt.

Lions:  Heck!  The mom may stays home with all the other lioness's to take care of the young, but in  the end the dad still brings home the boars head!  No one's bringing me home a boars head! But that's O.K.

We have a lot more responsibilities then moms out their with another teammate. So, I think it's about time we create a team of our own.

A club/support group that helps a mom out when she needs a sitter, a ride, laundry, dinner, or even just a night to her self.  I know we could ALL use that! 

Well anyways, think about it.  Let me know. I'm here and I plan on staying single for awhile.

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